Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment | महिलाओं में पेशाब न रोक पाना | पेशाब कंट्रोल करने का उपाय?

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Dr. Preeti Jindal

Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment | यूरिन लीकेज कैसे ठीक करें? | यूरिन लीकेज क्यों होता है? | महिलाओं में खांसते, छींकते या हंसते समय यूरिन निकल जाता है तो हो सकती है ये समस्या?

In this video SimpliHealth expert Dr. Preeti Jindal senior consultant gynecologist IVF and cosmetic, regenerative Cosmo gynecologist specialist, and director of Touch Clinic advanced IVF gyneac centre, situated at BesTech Business Towers, Sector 66 Mohali, is talking about Urinary Incontinence Treatment(पेशाब न रोक पाना) in females.

She will be discussing a very important and common problem in females, i.e., involuntary urinary leakage.

What is Urine Incontinence? 

Urine Incontinence means unwantedly leakage of urine (stress urinary incontinence). With the advancement of age, many females have to face this problem. When they cough, sneeze or jump or when they go outside their home, they experience leakage of urine. 

Reasons for Urinary Incontinence(पेशाब न रोक पाना)

There are many reasons associated with this. The passage of the urine in females is very small, it is about 4 cm long. And is located above the vagina. The vagina is the birth passage. During pregnancy and childbirth, the lower area that is the urethra becomes loose. Due to this the urine pipe that is the urethra loses its support. 

The pelvic muscles also get loose or weak due to which when females cough or laugh, they pass urine involuntarily. 

Treatment for Urinary Incontinence(पेशाब न रोक पाना)

Earlier, there were no non-invasive treatments available for this. Only kegel exercises are there which most people can’t do. The role of Kegel exercises in helping this problem is also very doubtful. We are very happy to inform you that today with the advancement of technology this can be treated. With the help of machines that are painless, stitchless, and non operational. 

Non-Invasive Treatment 

The non-invasive treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Touch Clinic is the first place in the entire north India where urinary incontinence is treated with several therapies. Now we will discuss each therapy one by one. First is EM Sella, which is a chair. We were the first in India to launch it. 


You just need to sit on the chair for 30 minutes. And it sends highly focused electromagnetic vibrations to the pelvic area. This strengthens the pelvic muscles. It is a completely painless technique and it is equivalent to 11,000 kegel exercises done in half an hour. Doctors advise to take 6 to 8 sittings so that the pelvic muscles are stronger and the patient gets relief.


The second modality of treatment is laser. Vaginal laser is a very nice and painless technique in which vaginal muscles get stronger, Elastin and collagen are stimulated in the vaginal muscles. And it gives a lot of relief from urinary incontinence problems. 3 sittings are required within a one-month interval. 


It is a totally painless, 10 minutes procedure. We call it  a coffee break procedure, because one can come from the office and after it’s done you can resume work. For patients with severe incontinence, we give a combination of the above to therapies. 

And in some cases, platelet-rich plasma is instilled in the urethra to make tissues and muscles stronger. In addition, If you have a problem with urinary leakage at night then you should reduce your fluid intake before you sleep. During the daytime restrict the consumption of tea or coffee. 

Because it helps in diuresis or urine formation. Most of the time we develop this bad habit of going to urinate when we sit idle. So in this case what happens is, one wants to go for urine after every 5 to 10 minutes. So bladder training is also very important. And make sure that you don’t go for urine before 2 hours. Apart from this when we pass out urine, some amount of urine is left in the urethra. 

Bottom line 

So after passing urine please count to 10 and give another push so that the remaining urine flushes out. Then you can use tissue paper  to dry yourself and avoid the smell of urine. We don’t have to wash our lower part, again and again, it may increase the risk of fungal infection. 

If you keep the above-mentioned things in mind and with the use of technology you will get a lot of relief from urine incontinence. In fact, we did a study here and we found out that almost 70% of women above the age of 60 suffer from involuntary urinary leakage. With the help of these techniques, many don’t need diapers anymore. 

All these techniques are available if they are available in your locality. Otherwise you can contact us at Touch Clinic. Thank you. 



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