Anti Aging Treatment | Full Body | पूरे शरीर, चेहरे और स्तन को सुंदर बनाने के लिए क्या करें?

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Dr. Preeti Jindal

Anti Aging Treatment | चेहरे को गोरा और चमकदार कैसे बनाएं? | पूरे शरीर को सुंदर बनाने के लिए क्या करना चाहिए?

In this video, SimpliHealth expert Dr. Preeti Jindal, Senior Consultant gynecologist IVF recurrent miscarriage, and Cosmetic Gynecology specialist, is talking about anti aging treatment(एंटी एजिंग).

What is cosmetic gynecology?

Cosmetic gynecology is a new branch and anti-agening is a part of it. It is a crucial topic, and everyone likes to look beautiful and why shouldn’t we?. 

The purpose of anti-ageing 

Human beings are born to look beautiful, and they deserve to be beautiful. And it stands for both male and female today. With the aid of Medical Technology, our life has been prolonged. At the time of independence, the average lifespan was between 27 to 35 years. 

But if you think now in today’s age group, we expect that if you have taken care of yourself and you are a healthy person, you will live for at least 80 to 90 years. But our body doesn’t remain at the same stage as we were in the age group of 20 to 25 years. Our body undergoes many changes. 

What are these changes that occur with age? |Anti Aging Treatment 

From top to bottom in women, these changes take place. On the face, what happens is the face triangle gets changed. In youth, the face triangle is somewhat broad from the upper side and thin from the bottom. It’s like a reverse Triangle. But with the aging, the fats and the skin starts sagging. 

The face get broad from the bottom and pointed from the upper side, giving us a broad, fuller look that goes with the aging. With respect to age, due to stress and our eating habits, we start getting fine lines on our forehead and around the eyes, which are called crow’s feet. Then nasolabial fold gets very prominent, and there is a formation of wrinkles on the neck, and ultimately the skin gets loose.

Changes in the body due to pregnancy 

Due to pregnancy and childbirth in women, the breast starts sagging. There is the formation of stretch marks in the abdomen area, which we presume that it never goes away, but it may go away. There are stretch marks on thighs, and there is pain on ankles and knees with the advancement of age. 

So all these are signs of aging. Now the medical world has made lots of progress in reversing these effects of aging. During the early years, botox and fair fillers like chemicals were used, but now it is believed that we should use such things so that our skin can regenerate on its own, and anti-aging is possible. 

Book by Dr. Preeti Jindal | Anti Aging Treatment

I have written a book on aesthetic and regenerative gynecology published by Springer. It tells all about anti-aging, so if we look at our old science, we have heard that Rishi Muni’s could stay alive for up to 200 to 300 years. It is believed that they were aware of the art of anti-aging. And now the medical world is trying to find out about these anti-aging things. 

How to slow down ageing?

Healthy mind 

Anti-aging begins by taking care of ourselves. From the beginning, what we are from inside will be reflected outside. It is about your own emotional and spiritual health. We need to meditate and think positively, which will reflect on our faces. So if we start from the inside out, then the mental health of the heart and body is essential. 

Physical health 

Then comes physical health. In Physical health, the first and the foremost thing is weight, which everyone is so concerned about. So again, if we go to the old fashion world, they used to eat only fruits. They won’t eat according to the time, but they will eat when they are hungry. 

Healthy diet 

So it’s not that important that we have to have three meals a day and add two in between. With the advancement of age, the food requirement also gets low; the body metabolism gets low. So we need to maintain our carbohydrates like chapati, rice, and bread should be consumed less and increase protein intake. 

Because protien in our body starts breaking down due to aging. Elastin and collagen fibers, which are protein, start breaking, resulting in wrinkles. So we need to increase our protein intake in any way. If you are a vegetarian, you can have nutrela, cotton cheese, soya bean, or pulses. 

Ways to build protein 

Balanced diet | Anti Aging Treatment

There are so many good ways to build up protein. If you are a non-vegetarian, then it is well known that one egg is a complete meal, so it helps. Then fruits are essential because they give us minerals and vitamins.  

Hydration | Anti Aging Treatment

One should take plenty of water, 6 to 8 glasses of water. Some people may have fewer requirements, but still, one should intake 4 to 6 glasses of water daily. We should cut down on smoking because it is believed that nicotine is one of the most aging factors, and it is harmful and harms us in many ways. 

Avoid alcohol and smoking | Anti Aging Treatment

Reduce the consumption of alcohol and avoid drugs: recreational drugs. And artificial proteins one should avoid as much as possible. A healthy life will take us a long way to look young. Even if we do all the above, our bodies undergo some aging-related changes. 

How to reverse them? 

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Here comes the technology. HIFU, which is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is an excellent way. Through the ultrasound, they give exposure of ultrasound waves to the loosen areas of the face, which stimulates the elastin and collagen and helps in toning. 

It also helps take away the cellulite, as you will see in this video. It is a painless procedure, just 5 to 10 minutes, and it causes tightening of the facial skin and takes away the lines. Second, we come to platelet-rich plasma or the Vampire facial, most commonly known as PRP facial.

PRP facial | Anti Aging Treatment

Indian skin is very much prone to hyperpigmentation. Hence, we always say during facials; one should avoid excess massage and avoid facials as much as possible. Nowadays, PRP facials are recommended. In this, almost 10cc of your blood is extracted to make platelet-rich plasma out of it. 

And with the help of micro-needling, it is instilled in the face. One can repeat this procedure after every six months. After the treatment, the aging material and the debris are removed from the face leaving behind the shiny and glowing face. 


One should always remember that the PRP facial should be done from a good centre. Because blood is extracted, it is essential that the blood is taken hygienically and prepared adequately. It is not about just injecting blood, the plasma has to be extracted from the blood and instilled on the face. 

How is it done? 

We have to make platelet-rich plasma, so it is prepared from an advanced technique in which only 0.5-3 cc of platelet rich plasma is prepared, which is instilled in your face. Whenever we handle blood products, there is always a risk of transmission of some infections. So it is essential that whoever is preparing this or who is doing this is medically trained and following the aseptic technique to do this procedure. How deep the layer platelet needs to be instilled in the skin is also very important. And in this video, you will see how PRP facials are performed. 

Vaginal Rejuvination 

The intimate part of the vagina starts losing with age, and there is urine leakage during coughing, so a vaginal laser is excellent. In this, the vaginal probe is inserted, and It starts lacing on the vaginal walls and the female part. 

It is again a painless procedure. It stimulates elastin and collagen and cures painful intercourse, dryness, and recurrent infections. Next, we will talk about another critical problem: stress urinary incontinence, which is urine leakage during coughing, primarily found in females as a result of ageing. With the advancement of age, this problem also starts affecting them. 

Treatment at The Touch Clinic 

So The Touch Clinic has introduced several non-invasive methods that are curable without any surgery. There is a unique chair called EM Sella. Which was first introduced in India by Touch Clinic. One has to sit on it for 30 minutes, and it will send highly focused electromagnetic vibration to the pelvic muscle so that the pelvic muscles get strong. We recommend 6-8 settings for urinary incontinence. 

In this, we have to wear full clothes and sit on the chair. You may have tea or coffee, and you may return to your work after 30 minutes of sitting. For females with excessive urinary incontinence, vaginal laser and PRP in the local area also help. 

Other techniques 

Now,  there is another technique also called carboxytherapy. In women, there is a formation of stretch marks due to pregnancy. It is a Brazilian therapy in which medical grade carbon dioxide COis instilled on the stretch marks. It helps in setting the stretch marks in a lot of ways. 

You may take more information about these from our website or contact Touch Clinic. Stay Beautiful, look beautiful, and feel beautiful.

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