Squint Eye Treatment(आँखों का भेंगापन) | How Much Does Operation Cost?

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Dr. Anin Sethi

Squint Eye Treatment (आँखों का भेंगापन का इलाज ): Cost and Recovery

In this video, SimpliHealth expert, an eye specialist at Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic, Dr. Anin Sethi, is talking about squint eye operation  and Squint Eye Treatment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the operation is around 35000-45000 in our center, but it also depends on how many muscles we need to operate and the type of squint. If in a particular case in which any muscle is not working, whose nerves have stopped, or they have abnormal muscle development, then the cost of this comes up to Rs 45000, and if it is a simple squint involving the eye, then the cost of operation is about 35000₹.

Does the squint operation come under insurance or not?

If we are doing operations for cosmetic purposes, there will be no improvement in the eyesight after operation in patients. If we don’t do the surgery, it will remain a cosmetic problem; there will be no functional problem, then it is difficult to get an insurance claim. Especially cashless surgery is not possible. 

We give bills to the patient, and they can consult their insurance company for the respective claim. Other operations, such as in a child, in which there can be loss of eyesight, amblyopia, or Lazy eyes if we don’t operate on skewness. Such patients can claim squint surgery greatly, but it is still tough to get a cashless operation for skewness or squint. So in such a situation, it is wise to take the claim on your bill only.

Post worries after Squint Eye treatment :

The main aim of Squint eye treatment in children is to align children’s eyes adequately. However, after immediate surgery, children may have swollen and redness in the eyes. Eventually, it subsidies. The children’s eye position may vary over the first two weeks, but they settle with time. Children might take rest for an extra day or two after treatment.

The benefit of Squint eye treatment :

It helps in eye positioning and appearance. As a result, children can better coordinate their eyes and improve their eyesight. If you have any queries, visit us.
Thank you.

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