Squint Eye(आँखों का भेंगापन): Can Squint Eye can be treated without surgery?

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Dr. Anin Sethi

Squint Eye(आँखों का भेंगापन): Can Squint Eye can be treated without surgery? 

In this video, SimpliHealth expert, an eye specialist at Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic, Dr. Anin, is talking about Squint eye and Squint Eye Operation. 

Can squint eye be treated without surgery? 

We can correct some squints even without operation, like some children who wear specs of very high numbers. This condition is called accommodative esotropia, i.e., they have skewness due to not wearing specs. Children who wear specs of very high numbers like plus 4 or 5; try to put pressure to see clearly, and because of the pressure, their eyes go inwards. 

This is called accommodative esotropia, for which we ask to put atropine, an ointment in the eyes. After that, we check their eyes, and accordingly, we ask the children to wear the specs with the updated number. In this way, we can correct this type of skewness. As these children grow up, the number of their specs decreases. This skewness also starts to heal independently. 

Another type of skewness, intermediate divergent squint, or it happens intermediary, and we can be cured without an operation.  When the patient is in his thoughts or sleepy or tired, one eye turns towards the outside of the ear. 

It is recommended some special convergent exercises to strengthen muscles which helps in the inward movement of the eye so that this squint goes away. So in such patients, if they wear specs with a high number or a lack of vision, we correct their eyesight by giving specs, which increases their control over the eyes. And this skewness comes under control. So these are two types of squints that we can cure without operation.  

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