Hole in Eardrum Surgery | Tympanoplasty Surgery | Ear Operation | टिम्पैनोप्लास्टी कितना सफल है? | कान का ऑपरेशन कैसे होता है

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Hole in Eardrum Surgery | Tympanoplasty Surgery | Ear Operation | कान के पर्दे की सर्जरी कैसे होती है? | कान की सर्जरी कैसे की जाती है? | कान का ऑपरेशन कहां होता है

Hole in eardrum surgery, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol, ENT specialist from Abrol ENT institute and Research Centre, Chandigarh, discusses  eardrum surgery : a common mode of treatment for safe discharge from the ear.  It is widespread in our Indian population.

Who needs Eardrum Surgery ?

Discharge from the ear is very prevalent in every state, district, or community. Discharge from the ear is of two types: safe and unsafe discharge. Mainly the mode of treating safe ear discharge is by surgery. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics for drying ears, but to completely cure this condition, doctors perform surgery. 

What is eardrum surgery or Myringoplasty?

In this surgery, doctors insert a new eardrum by Myringoplasty surgery. This surgery gives perfect results. The eardrum surgery lasts for 30-40 minutes. 

What is the procedure for eardrum surgery?

Doctors don’t use artificial drums; instead, they take a graft from a nearby area of the ear. Besides, the gel-like material around the head is perfect for grafting. 


In this, doctors make a small incision that requires 1-2 stitches. Eventually, it gets invisible after some time. Doctors discharge the patient by the evening. 

Do we need anaesthesia for the eardrum Surgery?

Doctors can do this surgery with local anesthesia if the patient is cooperative; otherwise, doctors perform this surgery under complete anesthesia. 

What is the recovery rate after this surgery?

The eardrum repairs simultaneously during surgery, whereas the new eardrum requires 4-6 weeks to take complete shape and become fully functional. As a matter of fact, the patient may completely forget that they have ear drum problems.

Precaution one need after surgery

One can drive after he is fully awake. Altogether they can resume their normal routine activities, like washing their hair and sleeping over the ear, and following precautions like avoiding water or sweat inside the ear. One needs to make sure that the dressing doesn’t get wet. Doctors advise you to take precautions for 2-3 weeks. Furthermore, the patient can sleep after one week and after removing sutures and dressing. 

What are the side effects of this surgery?

There is an infrequent complication of the surgery. The patient may have perforation again after some time. Furthermore, the patient may have a residual perforation. Some patients may have slower recovery. Some predisposing diseases or age factors may fail to take graft uptake. And as a matter of fact, the eardrum doesn’t heal completely. Indeed, patients may have perforation at the same place again after two or three, or six months. 

Can infection affect recovery after surgery?

There might be a possibility of infection resulting in a perforation. It is a rare possibility, but it’s there. In addition, the hearing ability may not improve in a few cases. There is a rare possibility of hearing worsening, which may occur. 

Bottom line

Myringoplasty is a standard and classic procedure to treat CSOM safely. It is a very successful surgery with minor complications. Abrol ENT Institute and Research Centre is well equipped with experienced surgeons to provide a good experience. 

Thank you.

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