Endometrial Cancer Treatment | गर्भाशय कैंसर का इलाज | एंडोमेट्रियल कैंसर Stages & Treatment

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Dr. Heena Chawla

Endometrial Cancer Treatment (एंडोमेट्रियल कैंसर): Stages and Treatment

In this video, SimpliHealth expert, Dr. Heena Chawla, a Consultant Gynecologist at Apollo Clinic and CHD city Hospital, Chandigarh talks about endometrial cancer treatment. She also talks about endometrial cancer stages and endometrial cancer treatment. 


Endometrial cancer is divided into four stages:

Stage one (Endometrial Cancer Treatment)

In the first stage, the tumor is restricted to the innermost or muscle layer of the uterus only. It has not spread into nearby locations. 

Stage two 

The second stage of endometrial cancer has reached the mouth of the uterus i.e. the cervix or cervical stroma. But it has not gone outside the uterus. 

Stage three 

In the third stage, cancer extends to the outside of the uterus but remains confined to the pelvis. By pelvis, I mean it is limited to either ovary, fallopian tubes or round ligament, and if it grows further, it will move to lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small vessels on arteries and veins, either pelvic or para-aortic lymph nodes. This is our third stage. 

Stage four

Finally, cancer spreads outside the pelvis in the fourth stage of cancer. It can be in the lungs or bone or has metastasized into any other body organs, which the doctors call distant metastasis. In this stage, it starts spreading into adjacent organs of the body. 

Now the doctors will talk about its treatment.



The doctors can diagnose this uterine cancer early in most cases because most patients present heavy bleeding. If the doctors can analyze it early, the essential part of the treatment is surgery. In surgery, the doctors remove the uterus, ovaries, tubes, and lymph nodes present in arteries and veins. And wherever the doctors see cancer has moved in the abdomen, they remove it. So surgery is the most important aspect of the treatment of endometrial cancer. The specialists should consult a cancer expert or expert gynecologist for this type of surgery as they require staging surgery. 


So this surgery is critical. Other treatment modalities are radiotherapy, in which the expert expose a laser to stop the cancer cell division. Chemotherapy is another treatment option for endometrial cancer.


The specialists use a specific type of medicine to stop cell multiplication. With the latest advance, they have hormone therapy. Since the imbalance of hormones has led to this situation to combat, they use certain hormones to overcome the effect of others causing imbalance. 

Targeted therapy 

Apart from this, the doctors give targeted therapy. As the name suggests, they target only the cancer cell, stop their multiplication, and inhibit their growth. Largely the treatment of cancer depends upon the stage of cancer. 

Often patients require the need of further treatment after surgery. But all these things depend upon the stage of cancer, type of surgery, and other modalities of treatment that will benefit them and increase the survival rate. You need to discuss this with your doctor in detail and make the best decision about the most suited treatment plan.

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