Squinting Eyes Treatment | बच्चों की किस उम्र में कराया भेंगापन का इलाज

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Dr. Anin Sethi

Squinting Eyes Treatment : At what age should squint be treated?

In this video, Dr. Anin Sethi from Mirchia’s Laser eye clinic discusses which type of squint eye needs surgery. One must sort out these types of problems as early as possible. There are different criteria for different deviations of the eye. In a few cases Surgery is the only alternative for squinting eyes treatment.

Types of Squint eyes: Squinting Eye Treatment

squinting eye treatment, When the eye deviates inwards towards the nose, which we call esotropia, delay in treatment may result in the patient’s vision loss. In addition, there are chances of developing a lazy eye. 

Surgery for Squint eyes: Esotropia (Squinting Eye Treatment)

Primarily doctors treat esotropic eyes with power spectacles and engage them in exercise, but if they are not helping, then the last resort is Surgery. Since it causes vision loss, the doctors don’t want to take any risk. However, there are cases where doctors did Surgery on a four-month-old child.

The second type of Squint eye: Exotropia (Squinting Eyes Treatment)

In Exotropia, the eyes deviate outside.Doctors treat exotropia when the child is 3-4 years of age. 

Do we need for Surgery for Squint eyes: exotropia?

Doctors plan surgery at an age when the child is reliable enough to focus on a proper diagnostic test examination. The patient may not lose their vision, but it affects the depth perception of the eye. It becomes untreatable after 5 or 6 years of age. 

Exercises for Squint Eye

There is a squint that happens in intervals. The eye deviates towards the ear only when the child is sleepy or tired. For the rest of the day, the eye position is normal. In such cases, we suggest some conversion exercises for the child. 

What do children do in conversion exercises?

Doctors ask the patient to focus, like, reading, colouring, and writing. These activities strengthen the muscles responsible for the eye’s movement, and the child gets control over the eye’s movement. Doctors observe them for months. Then, doctors plan the surgery if the exercise isn’t helpful, there is still a deviation, and the child is experiencing lower depth perception.

Bottom line | Squinting Eyes Treatment

Certain diseases require Surgery. So if vision loss is a consequence, you must have the operation as early as possible. On the other hand, if the child has exotropia and has no grave danger, such as vision loss, you can plan the operation when the child is old enough to assist in the examination.

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