Discharge from Ear | Myringoplasty | कान बहने कारण, लक्षण और उपचार | कान बहता है तो क्या करना चाहिए? | कान से पानी आ रहा है तो क्या करें?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Discharge from Ear | Myringoplasty | मायरिंगोप्लास्टी कब करवानी चाहिए? | कान का बहना बंद कैसे करें?

In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol, ENT specialist from Abrol ENT Institute and Research Centre, talks about a common condition of discharge from the ear(Myringoplasty). In addition, he has discussed the types and treatments available to manage it, Discharge from Ear 

What is Discharge from the ear?

Chronic suppurative otitis media is a condition of the ear with watery or fluid discharge oozing out from the ear. It can be foul or colourless. 

Types of discharge from the ear

Broadly, there are two types: one is safe and unsafe ear discharge. 

What is Safe Ear discharge?

In this category, patients suffer from discharge intermittently. Then, after seeking treatment, the discharge stops. Besides, the antibiotic dries up the ear till the next episode. 

Symptoms of Safe ear discharge

Another key point is on examination by an ENT doctor, the most common finding is a perforation in the eardrum. The perforation can vary in size; perforation may differ from one pinhole to the entire complete eardrum.

How is medicine useful in unsafe CSOM ?

Antibiotics dries up the safe ear discharges  until the next time. These patients suffer from a lot of discharge, but it’s odorless. If left untreated might lead to hearing loss.

What is an unsafe ear discharge?

The second type of suppurative chronic otitis media is the unsafe type. It is a type of disease in which a patient’s bone starts melting.

Complication of unsafe CSOM

There can be a defect (perforation) in the eardrum. The eardrums may stick inside in a few cases, resulting in steady bone melting. Afterwards the situation may get complicated further as the vital organs are nearby. 

Clinical symptoms of Unsafe ear discharge

Unsafe ear discharges have a foul smell. All in all, the foul smell discharge commonly indicates bone is melting and infection.

Do antibiotics cure unsafe CSOM?

Antibiotics rarely dry up these patients’ ear discharge. As a matter of fact, the release occurs for a longer duration the second time. Therefore, these patients’ examinations and treatments are essential. Otherwise, the rate of complications is very high. 


Most of the time, doctors treat unsafe discharge conditions by surgery. It is a time-consuming and complicated surgery. Also, patients take time to recover. But the surgery is critical, as we need to shift the ear from unsafe to safe as it is mandatory. The risk of complications might be life-threatening. 

The complications of Unsafe CSOM

It may lead to problems like facial paralysis, dizziness, hearing loss, or permanent hearing loss of nerve, which is incurable.

Treatment of Safe CSOM

In these conditions, there is perforation in the ear drum. However, these patients need to have an antibiotic course for drying the ear thoroughly. And take up the procedure for surgery.

What is Myringoplasty?

It is a procedure in which doctors graft a new ear drum to restore hearing. After complete drying of the eardrum, this procedure is done after 1 -2 months of span.

What is the success rate of myringoplasty?

The success rate of this surgery is very high, and there is no misconception. Trained ENT surgeons can efficiently perform this surgery, and it is a relatively short surgery. Therefore, there are good results, and the chances of complications are significantly less. 

Bottom line 

One should not avoid any kind of ear condition. Consulting an ENT doctor for correct diagnosis and treatment is the only way to treat it. Thank you.

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