Milia: How do I get rid of Milia on the Face?

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Dr. Jayanti Singh

Milia: How do I get rid of milia on the Face?

In this video, our SimpliHealth expert Dr. Jayanti Singh, Consultant Dermatologist at Apollo Clinic, talks about measures to get rid of milia on the face. 

What are the milia on the face?

Milia on the face appears like small whitish bumps. They may be present on the nose, cheeks, and especially around the eyes. 

Causes of Milia on the face

When our dead skin doesn’t shed timely, there is the formation of new skin over dead. Then the dead skin beneath the new skin appears as white bumps.

Reasons for improper Skin shedding

Various reasons contribute to improper skin shedding mechanisms. Above all is skin damage. It can occur due to sun exposure. Excessive rubbing or injury can disrupt the shedding process. The second reason is the long-term usage of steroids. Any cosmetic product can also clog skin pores. In addition, overuse may disturb the skin cleaning process. Lastly, it can be genetically related. 

How to prevent Milia on the face?

The first and foremost thing is to follow a good skincare routine. First, one must adequately clean and exfoliate the face. Products with salicylic ingredients give better results. The second is to use good quality sun cream to protect you from the sun. And moisturize skin properly. Proper moisturizer aids in the natural cycle of skin shedding. Also, one must avoid the usage of thick creams on the face or around the eyes.

How to take care of milia at home?

You can use certain products at home if you have milia. First, as I told you, use a salicylic acid-based or alpha-hydroxy-based cleanser. The second thing is you can use any retinol-based cream. And the third is to add any chemical exfoliant to your routine. 

Procedure to extract milia

One can visit a dermatologist. They extract Milia manually with either needle or a comedone extractor. Thank you.

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