ENT Doctor in Chandigarh | Ear Nose & Throat FAQ Question and Answer | Myth Busting: 6 Ear, Nose & Throat myths | ENT Specialist in chandigarh

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

ENT Doctor in Chandigarh | Myth Busting: 6 Ear, Nose & Throat myths | ENT Specialist in chandigarh

Mohali ENT Clinic, Otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Raman Abrol debunks 6 myths about the ear and nose problems. He will discuss about very common questions that people usually ask like; 

  1. Is it OK to clean ears with cotton buds?
  2. Does tinnitus ever go away?
  3. Does hearing aid damage hearing?

Most of these questions are myths or misconceptions and in this video our SimpliHealth expert will answer all of them and clear all the doubts.

Are cotton buds or earbuds useful and safe to clean your ears? Or Is it OK to clean ears with cotton buds?

This is a very common question that people ask, as per our expert ENT specialist Dr. Raman Abrol. He advises to use cotton buds but use them only if you use them on a regular basis. Make sure the patient does not have a cotton allergy. But if you use the cotton buds after 2-3 months then there are chances that the ear wax or dirt is pushed further inside. Once you ensure that your ear is clean then you can use the cotton bud on a daily basis. He also advises not to use force while cleaning as there are chances it can damage your earbuds. If you keep all this in mind, you can use cotton buds, it is safe.

Nasal blood can be stopped by tilting your head backward, is it possible? Or is tilting your head back during a nosebleed bad

We have seen that nasal bleed is very common in winters. We see a lot of patients, especially in old age. This is because of the dryness in the winters and the heat used. All this causes dryness in the nose and there are chances of bleeding. Tilting your head back does not really help stop the bleeding. It is advised to sit and pinch the nose, do not lie down, sit and pinch the nose. If you wait for 3-4 mins the bleeding stops on its own. The lesion or a bleeder in the front of the nose is where the blood comes from. And this can be pressed by pinching the nose. 

For other reasons of nose bleed like blood pressure, the blood comes from the back. And that bleeding goes into the throat more than the nasal passage. In this case, pinching the nose can not help. But even in this condition, the patient must stay upright and not lay down. If the bleeding is very much then the patient should go to the hospital. 

Do hearing aid make the normal sounds louder and damage the residual hearing? Or Does hearing aid damage hearing?

Not at all. Modern hearing aids are digital and programmed by a computer according to your hearing. So the machine only permits sound that is required. And because this is an aid to help you, so there is no scope of damaging your ear. 

So our expert advises using modern, digital, and properly programmed hearing aids. And this will benefit you, not damage your ears. 

Is tinnitus curable? Or Does tinnitus ever go away? | ENT Doctor in Chandigarh

Tinnitus is the ringing or whistle-like noise in the ear. This can be common in old age. Middle-aged patients with some ear damage can also hear this sound. Traditionally there is no guarantee that tinnitus can be cured. But it is our clinical experience that shows improvement in some patients. And some patients get used to it, so it doesn’t bother them that much. It is not incurable, but it is unpredictable. 

Cervical Vertigo, does vertigo occur due to cervical causes? | ENT Doctor in Chandigarh

The cervical is a common cause of dizziness. But it is not the only cause, and dizziness can happen due to various reasons. Ear diseases are also one of the major causes of dizziness. The balance of the human body is inside the ear; if the balance is disturbed, then the body loses the sense of balance. So the balance in both ears has coordination. So ear diseases that affect the balance organ can cause dizziness. This is also a common problem in the ear, which causes dizziness. 

And cervical cancer is also a cause. But the category of dizziness is different. This is entirely a different issue, a different subject. So bottom line, the cervical is not the only cause of vertigo

Morning Sneezing, why do a lot of people sneeze when they wake up in the morning? 

People are allergic to specific allergens like pollen or dust mites. Dust mites are found the most in mattresses and pillows, so people who are allergic to dust mites may sneeze due to their allergies. And they sneeze in the morning as the dust mites fly up into the person’s nose because of the sun. 

In seasonal allergies also the patient may sneeze in the morning. Sometimes, the windows are kept open, and the pollen may enter the room along with the wind. The pollen is released and carried with the wind. And this may cause sneezing in the early morning. 

So the two reasons for sneezing in the morning are dust mites and pollen. 

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