Sore Throat Treatment | गले मे खराश व खिचखिच का कारण लक्षण व उपचार | गले में खराश होने का कारण क्या है? | गले में खराश होने पर क्या करना चाहिए?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

Sore Throat Treatment | बार बार गले में इन्फेक्शन क्यों होता है? | गले का इन्फेक्शन कैसे खत्म करें ? | क्या मुझे गले में खराश में एंटीबायोटिक लेना चाहिए?

Sore throat treatment(गले में खराश) is a common problem in our population. There are many reasons for this but I(Dr. Raman Abrol) would like to talk about major factors that can cause frequent sore throats. 

Causes of sore throat(गले में खराश के कारण

Mouth breathers 

If we see the history of such patients or we examine them, we find that people who are mouth breathers get affected frequently with sore throats.

Postnasal drip and Sinusitis 

Patients who have postnasal drip or sinusitis patients who have constant secretion from nose to mouth also have frequent sore throats.

Food allergies and Tonsils.                           

People with food allergies or food sensitivity frequently suffer from sore throats. Chronic Tonsillitis patients who have frequent tonsil infection, swelling in the throat, puss. These patients frequently get sore throats.

Acid Reflux 

Acid reflux is a very common problem these days and affects almost all age groups of 60 years plus and especially young age above 25 onwards. It is due to a change in lifestyle due to meal irregularities acid reflux is there and results in frequent sore throat.

These all the factors need to be ruled out during patient examination one by one and then we give specific treatment to a patient. For the first factor, those who can’t do nasal breath and do mouth breathing, have problems with mouth dryness, snoring, etc. there we address patients by either medicine or nasal pathology or surgical options. Treating patients with nasal drip for sinusitis can cure sore throat. Those patients who have food allergies should get their own self-assessment done. Avoid the food that they find themselves to be allergic to.

There is no specific medicine for food allergy patients, it should be self-assessed, and avoidance of that food helps in curing the problem. Acid reflux can be treated by lifestyle changes, regular meals, early dinner, regular work, avoiding acidic meals. Also, medication can help reduce frequent sore throats. Some people have general allergies as well. They are not only allergic to a certain food but they have atmospheric allergens, pollens, dust particles – they also get frequent sore throats. They are predisposed to frequent viral sore throats. And in those cases, anti-allergic treatment is recommended. 

Tonsillitis | Sore Throat Treatment 

A specific problem chronic tonsillitis we noticed in all age groups, especially children who have frequent sore throats. They experience tonsil pain, pain in the nose, puss, and fever for 8 to 10 days. The medications are mostly antibiotics. These patients do get cured by the time they reach their adult age. But if they get very frequent tonsil attacks there we recommend tonsil removal surgically. 

In adults, the frequency of tonsil infections is very less but then too many patients have bad tonsils and odor in the mouth, Puss, there too we recommend tonsil surgery. For such patients we can treat attacks but cannot prevent tonsils because they are morphologically and chronically affected, there are deposits and acute affections and here tonsil surgery is very beneficial. Tonsil of Pharyngitis is a frequent source of sore throats. Many sore throats do get treated, by non-medical treatment or small treatments. All do not need antibiotics. Tonsil is one such infection where we give antibiotics, else for small sore throats we recommend pain killers, gargles, antacid therapy, and frequent small throats we can treat those. 

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