Eye Floaters Treatment, Symptoms & Causes | आँखों में काले धब्बे का उपचार

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Dr. Anin Sethi

Eye Floaters Treatment (आँखों में काले धब्बों के लक्षण एवं उपचार)

Dr. Anin Sethi from Mirchias Eye Care Centre, Chandigarh, talks about eye floaters. What are floaters? Eye floaters treatment are dark or black spots in the vision. They move along the eyes as you look in any direction. There can be one-two or even 20-25 floaters in the eyes. 

What Causes Eye Floaters treatment? 

Eye floaters treatment can be caused due to various reasons. This can happen in a young as well as an old patient. Usually, patients come to us complaining only about one floater. Generally, the jelly in the eye that maintains the shape of the eye starts melting with progressing age. And when it’s melting, there is some liquid and some solid part, which we see as floaters. This may not be a significant concern. If one starts to see these floaters, one should consult an ophthalmologist. 

Symptoms and Treatment for floaters

The ophthalmologist would inspect your eyes for any damage to the retina. Usually, these floaters go away on their own in a few days. As you continue with your daily activities, these floaters gradually settle at the bottom on their own. If you are young and you experience floaters in your eyes, you should consult an ophthalmologist. In some cases, there can be weak areas in the retina which cause floaters in the eyes.  And if you see 3-4 floaters and you have consulted a doctor, and he has assured you that there is no damage or anything of concern, you should still take care of your eyes, and in case the floaters increase to 20-25, consult the doctor immediately. 

The third reason for this could be diabetes or hypertension, or even bleeding in the eye. These are multiple dark spots in different shapes that move with the eye in whichever direction you are looking. 

Risk Factors 

So if you have diabetes, have hypertension, or have any eye disorder, and you see these floaters, you should consult an eye specialist. If the doctor does not find anything serious that can damage the eye, then no special treatment is required for floaters alone. 

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  1. Hi Sir, I had a treatment from you at Mirchia’s eye clinic. I always admire your thoughts and find them very useful. Great doctor and very informative video.


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