Dry Itchy Eyes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Dr. Anin Sethi, currently practicing at Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic, the best Lasik laser center & Eye Specialist hospital in Chandigarh, has listed the symptoms, and prevention methods of Watery eyes, dry or itchy eyes.
It is common to get watery eyes in the spring-summer or rainy season.
There can be various reasons for this to happen, one being lack of moisture in the eyes, this is very common in females above the age of 50.
(increased risk) Dryness and allergies can be very common in people who spend hours on their screens or people who read a lot, people who work at a mill, or are exposed to dust.

Symptoms: feel needles in the eyes, watery eyes, (radak) strain in the eyes. Blurred vision for a few minutes, which goes away after blinking. Itching in the eyes.

For dryness: To get rid of dryness or lack of moisture in the eyes, wash your eyes frequently. If you work for long hours on your computers or laptops, take 5 mins to break after each hour, look outside the window or close your eyes and sit. The rate at which a person blink reduces due to increased screen time and due to this the moisture in the eyes evaporates. Therefore to avoid dryness one should always take a 5 min break between hours.

There are few eye drops to lubricate your eyes, these can be used 4-5 times a day as there are no side effects.

For itching: Getting, dull red, and itchy eyes during this season are very common. One of the common reasons for this is the allergic reactions to pollen from the flowers that bloom in spring.There are medicines, eye drops, and lubricants that soothe the itching are prescribed.
If the allergy is severe, the patient is asked not to rub his eyes as it may not only worsen the condition but also increase the number of the patient’s eyes.
If the itching is too much it is suggested to use a cold compress or washing eyes with cold water twice or thrice a day. There are different levels of treatment ranging from mild to severe.
The treatment can be modified according to the level of the allergy to suit the patient.

These allergies can be seen in any age group. It is seasonal so the children should be instructed not to rub their eyes, as it may worsen the allergy and weaken vision or even harm the pupil. Go to the doctor, follow the prescribed medicines for relief.

This is a seasonal allergy so it may go away by medications but there are changes it can come back during spring-summer or rainy seasons.
At the age of 18-20 70-80%, it gets better on its own but in other cases, it has to be treated by medications.


  • do not rub your eyes.
  • use a cold compress
  • consult a doctor
  • follow the prescription

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