How to Get Water Out of Ear | कान में पानी कैसे बंद करें? | कान में पानी चला जाए तो कैसे निकाले? | कान में पानी आने का इलाज? | कान में भारीपन या कुछ हवा जैसा भरा महसूस होना? | कान में भारीपन महसूस होना?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology Abrol ent research center

How to get water out of ear safely ?| कान में पानी चला जाए तो कैसे निकाले? | Water stuck in ear? | कान खोलने के लिए क्या करें?

How to get water out of ear, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol from Abrol Institute and Research Centre talks about possible outcomes of water in the ear and ways to get water out of the ear safely.

Patients frequently inquire about and complain about having water in their ears. Because every ear canal is curved, moisture doesn’t collect inside the ear. And if it’s there, one can easily shake it off by tilting their head. Patients with a feeling of water stuck inside the ear might feel ear blockage, primarily due to wax buildup in their ears. The wax expands as the water moves inside the ear, causing a blockage. A common misunderstanding is that ear obstruction results from moisture in the ear. But actually, the presence of a significant amount of wax present inside the ear causes ear blockage. One must consult an ENT physician for this condition. This wax grows when it comes into contact with water, leading to issues like ear obstruction. In such conditions, self-treatment or self-removal is not possible. Because eardrums are very fragile organs, damage to them can result in various problems, including hearing loss, ear damage, bleeding, and discharge. One must consult an ENT doctor for their removal and discourage self-removal.

What damage does water in the ear do ?

The doctor’s main goal is to preserve the eardrums because it is not advisable to remove earwax. When the wax has puffed up due to contact with water, there is a severe ear obstruction. In situations where the patient has no access to medical care, doctors encourage them to use wax drops. They are easily available over the counter. Earlier, doctors used to recommend Borospirit to patients. It causes the water to evaporate, keeping the earwax dry. It will keep the patient at ease till they see a doctor. Unfortunately, the previously accessible hydrogen peroxide solution is no longer available for ear usage. People used hydrogen peroxide to clear the buildup of earwax in the past, and its application would produce foaming that absorbed water. Swollen wax can be soft, making it simple to remove. 

Bottom line :

If you suffer from ear blockage after water seeps inside, consult an ENT specialist, as it indicates a sizable amount of wax inside the ear. Self-removal is not advisable as one can cause permanent damage like hearing loss.

For more information, watch the full video and visit our SimpliHealth website for more related information.

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