बच्चों में नाक जाम होने के कारण और उपाय | Nasal Congestion in Children | Baar Baar Naak Band Hona | How Do You Treat Nasal Congestion in Children? | How to Relieve a Stuffy Nose in a Child? | बंद नाक तुरंत खोलने के उपाय | रात में नाक बंद होने का क्या कारण है?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology Abrol ent research center

बच्चों में नाक जाम होने के कारण और उपाय | Nasal Congestion in Children | Baar Baar Naak Band Hona | How Do You Treat Nasal Congestion in Children? | How to Relieve a Stuffy Nose in a Child? | बंद नाक तुरंत खोलने के उपाय | रात में नाक बंद होने का क्या कारण है?

In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol discusses the most common reasons for nasal congestion in children during the day and night. 


Often ENT doctors tackle two types of nose blockage in children in their daily practices. One is those with constant nose blockage throughout the day, and they are mouth breathers. Another category is nose blockage among children only during nighttime. Parents often notice this behavior of nose blockage among children while lying down. The most likely cause in children aged 3-8 years have allergic problems. They complain about constant nose blockage or are mouth breathers. Because of an allergic reaction, the inner lining of the nose swells up, and eventually, the nasal passages narrow down. As a result, they often sneeze, with a runny nose and nose blockage. 

Children may also have adenoids, a mass present at the back nose adjoining the throat. The mass enlarges and leads to adenoids. Children with adenoids often complain of nose blockage during the night and snore more often. They are mouth breathers at night and stay normal during the daytime. A doctor’s visit is necessary. A doctor must examine the symptoms of an allergic reaction or enlarged nasal septum. Often children may develop enlarged nasal septum after injury. But in these cases, there is only blockage in one nostril, and the other is open. Most of the time, parents don’t notice their children’s condition. Children with allergic reactions have prominent symptoms like swelling, nasal discharge, runny nose, and itchy eyes and over the throat. They might also show coughing bronchitis and rapid breathing besides allergic symptoms. If your children have these symptoms, then most likely, children have nose blockage due to allergies. 

Nasal congestion at night among children:

There are no allergic changes in children with adenoids nasal examination, and the front nose appears normal. Still, upon minute inspection, doctors might see adenoids. These children require endoscopy if cooperative. Doctors diagnose their condition through radiological procedures if the children are not cooperative for endoscopy. In radiology, doctors do an X-Ray of the face and neck side view. The nasal pathway, if blocked, is visible in X-ray. In addition, doctors can see the presence of adenoid tissue. 


Treatment of nasal congestion :

The treatment of adenoids in children is cause-specific. If the child has allergies, then doctors advise specific allergic treatment. Anti-allergics treatment controls allergic symptoms in most children. Symptoms like sneezing, watering nose heals, and nose blockage also improve. Those children who have adenoids, allergic children require long-term anti-allergics for months. After that, they need an anti-allergic spray or tablets for longer, and eventually, healing occurs. These children heal completely but concerning their growth. Initially, children require medicine, but as they age 14- 15, the nose blockage clears.

Anti-allergics sprays and antibiotics are the most likely treatment for children with adenoids. This will shrink the extra overgrown adenoid tissue. If the parents are careful, they notice the children are not mouth breathers and less snoring. This treatment helps restore nose breathing. Doctors can continue the medical treatment, especially when they show symptoms; otherwise, there is no need for treatment. However, if the adenoid children don’t respond to treatment, they are mouth breathers, complain of snoring, and have sleep disorder breathing; then they need invasive or surgical treatment. Adenoids are removed surgically with the help of Laser technology. Abrol ENT Institute and Research Centre use Laser-based coblation technology. In the coblation technique through the mouth, endoscopically, the bloodless doctor removes adenoids. Children heal completely in 7 -10 days. And eventually, their mouth breathing stops. 

For more information, watch the full video.

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