COVID-19 Vaccine (Updates): Myths and Facts

Dr. Raman Abrol, the senior consultant at Abrol ENT Institute & Research Centre, the Best ENT specialist in Chandigarh, talks about how the Covid-19 vaccine is effective against the virus and why we should not trust unverified information on social media.

We are going through a very tough phase in our life, the country is going through a very troublesome time. And an ENT surgeon Dr. Abrol says, “I am seeing and treating a lot of covid-19 patients these days and there is one common factor in every patient that I see, that is, lack of vaccination and also lack of covid-19 appropriate behavior. My humble submission to everyone listening and watching me is that, must go for vaccination as early as possible because the vaccination is actually working.”
The people who have gotten both doses of vaccination are protected. And it is seen, those patients who are vaccinated they are not getting infected. Especially after two weeks of both doses of vaccination, the patient is protected.

It is very sad to see that when the vaccination program was first launched in India there were a lot of misconceptions about it. Due to these misconceptions floating around about the vaccine, the disbelieved caused due to t lead to the failure of the vaccination program. In the current situation, the people who believed these misconceptions and did not get vaccinated are the ones who are suffering the most, on the other hand, the people who trusted the scientists and doctors and got the vaccine are safe.

Dr. Abrol advises everyone to not get confused between choosing which vaccine to get, getting whichever vaccine is available is the only way to be safe.
In the current scenario, one must get whichever vaccine is available, wherever it is available, and whenever it is available as we are facing a shortage.
He also suggested, not to believe the false information floating around on WhatsApp from unverified sources just believe and trust your doctor and the scientists who are bringing out these research products. vaccines are absolutely safe there are no Side Effects that are of serious concern.

Only 10 to 20% of patient who has gotten the vaccine will have a mild fever for 24 hours, which can be treated with Paracetamol. Other than this there are no proven side effects that have been seen so far from all these vaccines.

Note: DO NOT trust the unverified sources of this misinformation.
Don’t trust. Don’t circulate. Don’t forward.

You will be doing a great disservice to the nation by forwarding the misinformation or unverified social media messages regarding vaccines.

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