What are the risks of COVID-19 for Pulmonology hypertension patients?

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  • 4 years ago
Dr. Deepak Talwar

COVID-19 & Pulmonary Hypertension Patient (Risk)

Dr. Deepak Talwar, DM Pulmonologist, at Metro Hospital, Noida, explains and answers important questions regarding pulmonary hypertension and gives them some advice.  As well are under a very tense situation due to this Covid-19 pandemic, the question that arises here is,  Are people with pulmonary hypertension more at risk to get infected by the virus? Denying this Dr. Deepak said that, people with pulmonary hypertension have the same comorbidity as the people who do not suffer from this. So people with pulmonary hypertension are not subjected to any higher risk compared to normal people. 

What to be done and what should be avoided?

According to Dr. Awasthi, the patients should continue the medication prescribed by the doctor to control their right side heart pressure. Do not skip or double any doses by yourself, if you feel the need to do so, do consult your doctor. 

If the doctor has prescribed you a diuretic that causes hyper urination, and this is causing you certain discomfort as you increase your water intake, consult your doctor regarding this. 

If you feel breathless or your oxygen level is low, call your doctor and consult about this situation. 

Dr. Deepak advises the patients to continue the treatment process they are following currently. Follow the covid guidelines laid down by the government. Follow all the protocols which will help you prevent getting infected or lower the risk of you catching the virus. Wash your hands, wear a mask when you go out, stay isolated as much as you can. These guidelines are to be followed by people who suffer from pulmonary hypertension. 

Stay isolated, stay safe. 

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