Dr. Suresh Advani

Dr. Suresh Advani

General Bio

"Advani is known to be the first oncologist in India to have successfully done a bone-marrow transplant. He transplanted bone marrow into a nine-year-old girl down with myeloid leukaemia from her brother. He was also a part of clinical trials to help children with lymphoblastic leukaemia. Conducted on 1,200 patients, the trials helped raise success rates in treatment from 20% to 70%. Being crippled doesn’t stop him…. Advani and hard work are constant companions: he is at one Hospital in the morning and at another Hospital in the evenings. He at times also flies down from one city to another and one hospital to another to see his patients. He makes it sound as if he walked to that place. None of his colleagues and patients seems to think he is physically challenged anymore because he has overcome all such hurdles. Dr. Advani who makes hard work look easy is an oncologist who is an independent consultant with several hospitals. “He is a healer and a role model for aspiring medical students and also for those who are physically challenged. He not only sailed through all difficulties but also excelled in his field.” On Cancer & Treatment Dr. Advani never fails to inspire his patients. Keeping a person’s hope alive is as important as treatment in the case of cancer. He understands it only too well. Advani has seen the branch of medicine — oncology — grow in India right before his eyes. He started off at the time when oncology was looked down upon by most medical specialists as a “less lucrative area”."

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