Dr. Atul Gupta

Dr. Atul Gupta

Pediatrician,Vyas Hospital Bilaspur H.P. Kangra | MBBS, DCH

11 years of Experience

Dr. Atul Gupta is a pediatrician with a fellowship in Neonatology from IAP, Regional NRP Trainer, since Jan 2012. He got training in Adolescent Health – How to do a workshop for Adolescent. Currently, he focuses on his ongoing project- Preventive & Health promotion aspect in children. It includes schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to help needy children. He is practicing Naturopathy with allopathy as he completed a Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga.

It is known that pediatrics is the part of medication that includes the clinical consideration of babies, youngsters, and teenagers. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests people be under pediatric care through the age of 21. In the United Kingdom, pediatrics covers patients until age 18.

Center: Asthma Chest & Allergy Centre

Address: Chandpur, Bilaspur,
Himachal Pradesh, India 174001


Monday to Saturday
(12pm – 6pm)
Tuesday & Thursday
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