Are IVF babies healthy?

Infertility is a common abnormality among couples worldwide; besides adoption, there are advanced medical ways to conceive a baby. One such technology is IVF. 

While advising infertile couples, Dr. Shweta cleared some misconceptions about the IVF Baby processes. She talked about a prevalent misconception that patients usually have. She clarified that there is no difference in IVF pregnancy rates or any kind of IVF side effects according to the changing seasons. According to her, it is general information that neither extreme summer nor monsoon seasons nor extreme winters affect the rate of pregnancy. 

She also said that the reasons why pregnancy rates could be different are majorly dependent on the reasons for which the couple is going ahead with IVF in the first place. And those reasons are a severe male factor, severe tubal factor, ovarian defects, or uterine defect. She also said that it could be the IVF center’s performance at the IVF lab that one is visiting that affects the pregnancy rates. 

She concluded that many factors might affect pregnancy rates, but the changing season is not one of them. 

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