Can steroids or other drugs be the reason for low sperm count in males?

Male infertility can be caused for various reasons, including illnesses, injuries, chronic health problems, and lifestyle choices. Low sperm count, abnormal sperm function, or blockages prevent the delivery of sperm. 

Now the question remains, can steroids or other drugs affect the sperm count in males? 

To answer the question about(Drugs and Male Fertility), Dr. Shweta has given us a few health tips that one should follow. She gave an example of a recent patient. In this case, his sperm count has rapidly reduced in the past three months. After going through his medical history in detail, the results showed that he took steroids. The patient used to do gyming and build muscle; he used to take a heavy steroid dosage. 

Dr. Shweta negates the idea of using steroids and suggests that it is injurious to health as it directly affects the sperm count in a person. When the patient stopped taking steroids, it was noted that his sperm out within 3-4 months bounced back to normal. 

While advising the other patients, she says, gyming is right for you, but one should strictly stay away from chemicals like steroids and not depend on them to build muscles. Few more things to stay away from are: hot steaming bath or jacuzzi. 

Lastly, Dr. Shweta suggests taking care of these small things mentioned above to maintain your sperm count level and improve the deteriorated condition.  

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