Baby Hiccups: Is It a Sign of Low Oxygen?

Our SimpliHealth expert, Dr. Atul Gupta, Pediatrician, talks about the issues faced by parents regarding their newborns, issues that they don’t know how to handle on their level, or they have heard from their family members about what is right and what is not for the newborn baby. 

There are a couple of things to point out. First, we will start with hiccups, and the second thing would be yawning, the third thing would be sneezing, and the last would be farting while pooping or just farting. So the mentioned four things that are very common in newborn babies. Whenever babies are born, after being fed, they tend to have hiccups, or even when they are just laying down, they tend to have excessive hiccups. Some parents think this is normal. Some think this not. They think there are a certain number of times a newborn child should hiccup. But it is not like this, there is a fluctuation in the diaphragm, which causes hiccups, so hiccup is a normal, natural process. So this does not have to do anything with the baby’s health. So if the child is hiccuping, it is nothing to worry about. It is normal. Excessive hiccups or no hiccups are usual in a newborn baby. There is no evidence to prove that this is considered abnormal, so do not believe such misconceptions about hiccups. 

Now, moving on to the second that is yawing. A newborn baby usually yawns when he/she is sleepy or when they are dozing off. So this is a normal process. Just like we yawn when we feel tired, so does the newborn. Just like hiccups, there is no specific number that the child should yawn. This is a big misconception that parents usually have that the child should hiccup or yawn a certain number of times. This has nothing to do with the child’s health. 

The third thing we will talk about is sneezing. The newborn babies usually have reflex sneezing. The baby would sneeze when a cloth rubs against his nose or change the baby’s clothes. If the light falls directly into the baby’s eyes, the baby will sneeze. The baby could reflex sneeze even if he heard a sudden loud noise, like the door’s banging. If the baby is healthy, does not have a cold or fever, and sneezes, it is perfectly normal. So all these things in the newborn baby (up till one month) is very every day and does no harm. 

It is now coming to farting in newborn babies. When the baby farts while pooping or even passes gas, parents tend to think that they have gastric issues and complain to us about it. But it is not like this. It is nothing to be concerned about. It is a very normal thing. The mother’s milk has some products in it that make the newborn fart. If the baby is farting, then it means that the baby is relaxed and his stomach is relaxed. 

Farting in newborns is very normal, and it does not mean that the baby has stomach issues. If you want to know more detail about this, you can watch my other video where I talk specifically about why newborn babies fart. 

In this video, I have answered the question I get from the parents who have their first child and are confused. 

I hope I was very clear in explaining these three issues that parents have with newborn babies. But if you still have any queries, you can clarify them in the comments section below. Whenever I get free from work, I try to answer as many questions as I can about this. 

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